Vitamin C Testimonials

— Barbara Wilson, Colorado
Vitamins are essential for normal functioning of the body. Vitamins help support out immune system that makes it possible for us to overcome the dangers that surround us everywhere: in public transport, on the street, at home and even in the water we drink. We need vitamins in order not to fall ill every time our body faces bacteria or harmful substances. Our ancestors used to take enough vitamins from food - fruit, vegetables, cereals, nuts and so on. However nowadays it is more and more difficult for contemporary people to support their bodies with sufficient amount of vitamins from the food they eat. People eat more and more fast food, food with chemical substances, genetically modified objects and food created with the help of fertilizers and other man made components. The fruits and vegetables I buy in the local store are tasteless in comparison to those I used to eat and my grandmother's farm when I was a little girl. And I assume these vegetables and fruits do not have all the vitamins my kids and I need daily. Besides the environment is more hostile now than it used to be some 20-30 years ago. Now we live in much more polluted cities, the water is dirty and the air is full of heavy particles and bad gases. That is why being unable to get natural vitamins from food, as we lack quality food in big cities; I usually buy vitamins for my family in the drugstore. It helps us stay healthy and protected from the influence of the environment. Sometimes I buy a single med where all the necessary vitamins are in complex, sometimes I buy separate essential vitamins. We mostly use Vitamin C as the basic vitamin for healthy body and immune system. When I forget to pop in to the local drugstore, my older son can easily order everything from this online shop. The selection of vitamins is excellent here.
— Theo Hart, Chicago
I am a business man and I naturally always lack time, otherwise I would not be able to build a good career and earn enough money to lead the life I want. I do my best to save time whenever it's possible and it goes without saying that I do not have time for hearty meal, especially in the morning. I usually consume food on my way to the office, I often eat fast food and I seldom walk without hurry and almost never have time for myself. Naturally, with such hectic way of life I need some quick and easy ways to support my health and well-being. That is why I always take vitamins. I do not have time to prepare salads and fresh juices, nothing to say about more complicated meal. But I always take time to buy Vitamin C and some other vitamins my doctor tells me to buy. I believe that with the help of Vitamin C I can stay active and healthy in spite of lack of rest and fresh air in my life. Vitamin C is one of the most important substances we need, it is cheap and easy to take. And it provides me with a whole bunch of benefits: energy, healthy look, strong immune system, ability to work hard.
— Delilah Walcott, MA
I do my best to provide my children with healthy meal every day. I make sure they eat a lot of raw vegetables and fruit, as well as other healthy food. But in winter we need more power and energy to persist many illnesses and bacteria that surround us in the cold air. Besides vegetables and fruits grown in winter are not rich in vitamins. So when cold months come I always buy Vitamin C for my kids in the drugstore. It helps them stay healthy and active and they never fall ill with a cold or flu, while other kids in their school miss lessons because of health disorders. The acids that Vitamin C supplement provides makes the immune system stronger and the body can fight harmful agents easily. I advice every person to take Vitamin C, even if they are 100% healthy, as this will provide additional support in our polluted environment.

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