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Maxman is a herbal all-natural medicine used for penis enlargement and sexual enhancement.

Maxman helps stimulate the growth of erectile tissues and improves blood flow.

Effects include:

increased girth and length of the penis
increased stamina
intensified orgasms
stronger erections

Maxman is shipped in packs of 12 pills.

2 packs = 24 pills
4 packs = 48 pills
8 packs = 96 pills
16 packs = 192 pills
24 packs = 288 pills


Follow the directions for using this medicine provided by your doctor.

The usual recommendation is one capsule taken twice daily with a glass of water.


Ingredients include: epimedium saggitatim, avena sativa, saw palmetto, guarana extract, l-taurine, l-arginine, maca, ginseng blend.

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